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Latest Google Search update “Penguin 2.1” targets more “spam links”

With the release of “Penguin 2.1” by Google on October 4th many business have seen their websites almost completely disappear from Google search results. The following week we have received a number of consultation requests from affected business owners who have seen their website drop from page 1 to page 8 of Google search results….

New study on Google search rankings demonstrates the importance of SEO for business of all sizes

Online ad network Chitika has released a new study on Google’s organic search results showcasing the importance for all business to be ranked number one or at least being in the top three results. According to the findings the top position receives 33% of search traffic, compared with 18% for second place and only 11%…

Google announces mobile search ranking changes, is your website optimized for smartphones?


Do you know what percentage of your visitors accesses your website from smartphones? Is your website set-up correctly to handle mobile search and visitors? If you can’t answer these questions it may be time to catch up on your mobile stats since Google has announced new upcoming ranking changes for mobile search results. Websites that…

Organic search results get 92% of the clicks but only 11% of the overall web marketing budget


During this year’s SES New York event the CEO of Conductor, Seth Besmertnik, has pointed out that “organic search remains the most under-funded activity in web marketing” during his Tangible Search Metrics presentation. Considering that only 8% of search engine visits come from paid search (Google Adwords…) vs 92% of search engine visits from organic…

Google Universal Analytics available to all users for better understanding visitor interactions


Google has announced the Google Universal Analytics beta is available for all Google Analytics users. Previously only available to Google Analytics Premium customers, current Google Analytics users will need to create a new property and insert a new code snippet.         This new feature enables better understanding of visitor interaction on your…

What is SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO copywriting services are offered by agencies or individuals who will create articles to order for you. A few of these companies are fantastic, but a majority of them are worse than bad. Many of the web content that these agencies sell are so bad that it might have been easier to write the articles…