Latest Google Search update “Penguin 2.1” targets more “spam links”

With the release of “Penguin 2.1” by Google on October 4th many business have seen their websites almost completely disappear from Google search results. The following week we have received a number of consultation requests from affected business owners who have seen their website drop from page 1 to page 8 of Google search results. In some cases their business has dropped by as much as 80% on a daily basis due to the loss of visibility from Google. On the other end of the equation many websites have......

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Small businesses waste 25% of their PPC budget due to improper set-up and/or optimization

According to a recent study by WordStream Research, a typical small business waste 25% of their annual PPC budget due to improper set-up and optimization, as well as the lack of monthly management required for a successful ad campaign. The study was based on 500 small and medium sizes business and found the most organizations are wasting a large part of their monthly budget due to the lack of basic PPC best practices knowledge as well as active monthly management.   Some of the key findings from the study:......

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