Does your Canadian business have a free Google Places for Business listing? Why not?

We are still surprised by the number of Canadian small businesses that do not take advantage of the free Google Places for Business (Google + Business) service, which enables the creation of a local listing for your business. The reasons we hear everyday vary from I was not aware of it, I did not know it’s free, I don’t have a website or simply what good will it do for my business.


Google places for business is a free service by Google that enables any businesses offering services or products locally to gain visibility via a simple page in search results as well as on Google maps, regardless if you have a website or not. With the recent changes by Google of serving more and more local search results, your business can’t afford not to take advantage of this opportunity. Currently more than 67% of search results on Google use geolocation, meaning they provide search results based on your location.




To create your free listing simply head over to Google Places for Business and create you listing, which includes all your business info such as address (verification required by phone or mail), services or products, opening hours, pictures of your place of business and it even allows customers to rate and share your business with friends. Once your set up, Google also provides statistics on how many times it has shown up in search results and how many people have clicked on your business.


As you can see it is fairly simple to set up, however many business may require optimization for their page due to high competition or other factors. Choosing the right category is essential and it may require keyword research since not all “search terms” return local results. When the competition is high your listing may also require link building just like for a website. Customer feedback via reviews may also be a determining factor, however Google did issue a warning about ranking manipulation via fake business reviews.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your free listing and should you require extra services we will offer you a no obligation and free consultation. If your business does not have a website inquire about our affordable search engine ready web design services and if you do have a website let us show you how you can take advantage of our online marketing services to gain more visibility and customers for your business.