Google explains with Interactive Infographic the basics of how search works

Have you ever asked yourself how does Google search work? With billions of websites out there how does Google determine, which websites will be positioned on the first page?
There is no simple answer for this complex question and in reality only Google has the real answer.


With over 200 ranking factors that Google takes into consideration for the positioning of a website in its search results, website owners should pay close attention to all details since the smallest can make a difference. Of course Google will not disclose these factors since they would be quickly abused by unethical or so called “black hat” SEO’s.


gogole search explained

However some of them are well known ranking factors since Google wants website owners to improve their websites in order to serve the best possible results for their users. For example Google takes into consideration the speed of a website since it does not want its users to fall on slowly loading web pages that searchers will just abandon in frustration. Content quality, relevance, keyword density, links, age of site, bounce rate, social signals, duplicate content, geolocation, being mobile and tablet friendly and site architecture are among the 200 factors, but these are only ten of them.





It surely sounds overwhelming and Google wants to help you at least understand the basics. They have created this really cool interactive infographic as well as the video posted below that explains the basics behind their search results. If you would like to know more about search engine optimization and how to rank your website, contact us for a free consultation.