New study on Google search rankings demonstrates the importance of SEO for business of all sizes

Online ad network Chitika has released a new study on Google’s organic search results showcasing the importance for all business to be ranked number one or at least being in the top three results. According to the findings the top position receives 33% of search traffic, compared with 18% for second place and only 11% for the third position.

“While being the number one result on a Google search results page is obviously important, these numbers show just how big of an advantage websites of this type have over any competitors listed below them. The importance of SEO for online business is seemingly quantified by these latest statistics, which, judging by their similarity to those observed as part of the 2010 study, are not likely to change significantly in the near future.” On average companies spend only 11% of their web marketing budget on organic search (SEO) vs 89% on paid search, when only 8% of search engine visits come from paid search (Google AdWord…) vs 92% of search engine visits from organic search results.


Please find below the average traffic for the first 10 results, which is usually page one of Google search:















Additionally the study demonstrated the drop in traffic moving from one page to another was even more significant. “Sites listed on the first Google search results page generate 92% of all traffic from an average search. When moving from page one to two, the traffic dropped by 95%, and by 78% and 58% for the subsequent pages.”




















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Source: Chitika