Organic search results get 92% of the clicks but only 11% of the overall web marketing budget

During this year’s SES New York event the CEO of Conductor, Seth Besmertnik, has pointed out that “organic search remains the most under-funded activity in web marketing” during his Tangible Search Metrics presentation. Considering that only 8% of search engine visits come from paid search (Google Adwords…) vs 92% of search engine visits from organic search results, on average companies spend only 11% of their web marketing budget on organic search vs 89% on paid search.












Considering that Internet is by far the most popular media compared with TV, Radio or Magazines, it is surprising to see how little businesses spend on Search Engine Optimization. Organic search results are the undisputed leader in driving traffic that converts to websites, yet they remain largely underfunded compared to paid search, referral or social media.


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One of the main reasons is that people have a hard time understating SEO in general and organic search results. According to Besmertnik, “most technical SEO professionals fail to communicate effectively with CEOs. They dive into details about link profiles, canonical URLs, missing alt tags, etc.” SEO professionals need to better explain with less technical terms what they do and how they will achieve results. Additionally results need to be clearly demonstrated using various data to identify goals and view performance as well as to keep track of ROI (return on investment).















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