Over 50% of Google search clicks go to the first position and only 15% to the second

Each day potential clients contact us and express their desire to appear on the first page of Google search results, however being on the first page may not be enough. Being on the first page of search results is essential for the visibility of your business but it’s important to point out the significant difference between the various positions. A recent study by Compete.com revealed some very interesting statistics in regards to organic and paid search results.


For example the difference between first, second and third positions in search results is enormous in terms of visitors to your website. As you can see in the chart below, the first position in the search results will give your website 53% of clicks and it will dramatically drop to 15% for the second and only 9% for third position.

“Since the vast majority of listings on a SERP [search engine results page] are organic, and the majority of clicks are on the first listing, it’s imperative that brands strategy including constantly monitoring results due to the ongoing evolution of search engine algorithms,” according to the Compete study.


Additionally the study also points out that the same is true for paid search results. The first position of paid search results on the top of the page receives 59% of all clicks as for the right sidebar results only receive 13% of the clicks.

Being in organic or paid search results it is crucial to be in the first place. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how your business can be first.