With more than 800 new apps added to the Apple Store alone and a whopping 300 apps submitted per day for the relatively new Windows Phone, it can be challenging to get your application noticed.

Apps are now an integral part of the mobile experience, and as much as 40% of Canadians have used an app in 2010. Whether your app is the product in itself, or another useful tool to promote your company or products, apps are a new way for Canadian companies to promote themselves. However, it is not enough to simply build an interesting or useful app: the other half of the battle is in promoting your app to make stand out against the multitude of other apps on the market.

SEO Canada Services can offer you useful tools and help you develop winning app marketing strategies that will give your app its deserved place in the spotlight. Instead of braving a large market bursting with new apps, we can help you get your name out. First and foremost your app has to be “useful” because if it’s not something users want, they will not be interested.

Once you app has been submitted and approved in the App Store or and Google Play, we use a combination of the following methods to get you app noticed:

On-page optimization

Social advertising

News, media and PR

App reviews and directory's

Mobile advertising

Special promotions

It’s estimated that 56bn smartphone apps will be downloaded in 2013. Yet overall, just 25 developers share 50% of app revenues, with 1 in 4 apps downloaded, used once and discarded. 67% of developers earn less than $500 a month from their apps.

Source: ABI Research

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