By combining Pay Per Click with our Search Engine Optimization services, SEO Canada Services can literally put your business on steroids for the best possible results.

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a search engine marketing process that generates a cost each time your website advertisement is selected from a search engine. You ads will appear at the top or side of search result as shown in the picture. Setting up a Pay Per Click campaign is relatively easy if you are technically minded.

However, it takes skill and experience to optimize a campaign for maximum profitability and results. To gain the full benefit from PPC advertising you need to start the campaign with the best keywords and settings, carefully track the results and then adjust accordingly. The 3 major pay per click advertisement platforms are Google AdWords, Facebook and Microsoft AdCenter.

Some of the advantages of using
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement are:

You can target your ads by region, set time for ads to be shown and customize campaigns in various ways

Quick set up with immediate results

Precise statistics for keywords, ads and campaigns

The number of keywords, ads and campaigns is limited only by your budget

Only pay for results

Advertise internationally or locally

Target websites where your ads will show up

Reach mobile users on the go

Newcomers to PPC tend to manage their own campaign at first. For small companies this can sometimes pay off if a dedicated account administrator is managing the campaign on a daily basis. However, getting the most from your PPC campaign often involves hiring a company offering professional pay per click management services.

SEO Canada Services offers a professional and dedicated PPC management service for businesses of all sizes. Your account manager will keep direct contact with your business and keep you up to date on result and improvements.

Some advantages of our
PPC management service are:

You save time on the day to day monitoring and managing of campaigns. Our Pay Per Click advertising experts will be monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis for you.

We will handle most difficult part of PPC advertising, such as selection of best keywords as well as negative keywords and testing of various ads for best results.

With our Pay Per Click services you will get recommendations for ad budgets with result estimates.

Detailed reporting on campaign performance and results.

Advanced analysis of results by our experts and adjustments accordingly.

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