Should you set up a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign for your business?

Pay Per Click advertising is the sponsored ads, mainly in Google, that you find on the top, side and bottom of search results. They are distinguished by a slightly different color from the regular white search results and each time a user clicks on them, that business pays Google for each visit they receive.



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The amount that a business pays for each visit is determined by a bidding process and the higher the competition in your industry the more it will cost you. Should your business invest in PPC advertising? This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no since each business is different and in most cases you have to test it before determining its effectiveness.

The good news is that Google does offer in most cases a free $100 credit for new accounts, the bad news is that in many industries keywords can easily cost $5-10 per click and the $100 credit will not be sufficient to determine its effectiveness.



A PPC campaign set up correctly can offer you a number of valuable advantages:

  • Your website and business can gain targeted traffic within minutes of setting and launching the campaign
  • The effectiveness of your website and it’s design can easily be tested to see if it converts
  • The traffic is highly qualified as long as all features are set up correctly
  • You can easily measure your return on investment if setup with Google analytics to measure results


Since organic ranking through search engine optimization for a new websites and even older ones can take time and must be done correctly, starting with a paid per click campaign may be a smart choice for most businesses. It is fairly quick to set up and Google does offer free tutorials on how to do it since a large portion of their revenues are from AdWords.


But make no mistake a successful PPC advertising campaign does require a lot of knowhow, because you will need to set the right bidding and budget, the correct text for your ad in order for people to click on it, choose the right keywords according to budget and needs, set up geo targeting, choose which networks to use, the design and setup of landing pages, methods to measure your results as well daily monitoring and adjusting according to results.



Don’t be discouraged since we are here to help you, just contact us for a free consultation and we can assist you to determine if PPC is right for your business.

We also offer services to manage your PPC campaigns in order to get the most bang for your buck and of course we can also help your website rank organically in search engines so that you don’t have to pay for each click.